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Launching my site

Putting together the galleries for my site was a transformative experience. I've been actively shooting for the past ten years, but I'd never shared my photos besides to friends and family. How do I do this?

With a little marketing help my fiance (now wife) suggested the idea of putting together Collections. Oh yeah, I've seen artists present collections before. So I've started building my Collections. This started with the literal logical collections based on image category - water, landscapes etc. What is common in many of these photographs? I've got some ideas and am working on new collections based on themes that run through my shots, things I want to draw attention to, that I hope provoke your contemplation or appreciation.

Those new collections will be coming in future. Now I'm still getting the base collections organized. I might change gears and focus on the themed collections. I'll let you know when I sort that out. I'm also experimenting with printing my images in various formats, materials, sizes, framing to find where they communicate best.

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